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Wasps are important too


 Wasps are part of the unwanted guest insects families but guess what:

There are over 7,000 wasp species, comprising a huge variety of solitary and social species. The majority are parasitoids, which have young that eat insects or spiders alive! They generally earned themselves a bad reputation by despite their occasional aggression, even like that these insects play an important role in the ecosystem.

The most commonly seen wasps are the black and yellow social species, colonies of social wasps are considered annoying pests  – they often nest in manmade structures and deal out painful stings if you get too close. Yet despite our grievances, the ecosystem actually relies on these underappreciated insects.


Wasps are a natural pest control 

Probably there are people uncomfortable with them around on their summer picnics but social wasps are very important in keeping the ecosystem balanced without them, the world could be overrun with spiders and insects. Each summer, they  capture an estimated 14 million kilogrammes of insect prey, such as caterpillars and greenfly are generally apex predators – so if they’re not doing well, it indicates that there is something wrong with the world.

They are hugely beneficial to their native ecosystems due to the sheer amount of insects they capture. But their voracious appetites can cause problems if a species spreads or is introduced to new areas and their numbers aren’t kept under control! Adult wasps don’t eat the prey they kill – they feed it to their young. Social species capture insects, chop them up and carry parts back to the nest.

Because don’t live very long, they don’t really need protein and instead of eating insects and spiders, adult wasps – both social and solitary – only feed on sugars. In the wild, sugars come from flower nectar and honeydew produced by aphids. Wasp larvae also produce a sugary liquid that the adults consume, can also become accidental pollinators by traveling from plant to plant carrying pollen. While their contribution to pollination may not be as substantial as bees,they still play a valuable part.

Even when we know wasps are so important for our ecosystem when they are out of control around your home Call Raul the bees guy team for help, we have good enough experience dealing throw years with any kind of stinging insects! I will give you a free inspection.