Do you see bees entering and leaving your house’s walls, roof, or other areas?

bees were coming through the corner

I want you to know that a honeycomb has been built into your house structure.

Most of the time, a bee removal service comes to be necessary.

A honeycomb is usually present if you see bee activity around any specific area.

Please let me come by for a free inspection and explain the bee removal process.

We’ll discuss an affordable price for the entire service.

Why don’t you do the bee removal service yourself?

A bee removal service would be complicated for people who know how to deal with bees, with no construction knowledge. A complete service would involve (Construction and Beekeeping) If you are already in a bee situation, save time finding somebody else to help with your bee removal service.

bee removal service

Please don’t do this to your property

Walls area damaged

I have been in places where the homeowner desired to exterminate the bees in their house structure.

People most of the time spread the wrong information about how to get rid of bees.

Consequences are that they have to deal with infestations from other pests and structural damage, and melting honey.

Please only do something after calling me to evaluate that situation.

melty honey

It’s essential to hire an expert on this job to get everything done properly

Please give me a call; we will handle it professionally.

I have years of experience in beekeeping and the right tools and equipment.

Most importantly, working in construction for several years gave me the extra experience to offer you the best service in town. 

I will move just the material involved and repair the affected area with the original materials.

This way, your home or place of business won’t receive any damage.

We serve Harris County and the nearby regions and offer same-day services!

Again, please call me for a free inspection.

Bee removal from the soffit